Asher Levine Designer Headshot Asher Levine is a visionary fashion designer known for his innovative approach to fashion, combining high technology with avant-garde aesthetics. Renowned for his work with iconic figures like Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, and Doja Cat, Asher has cemented his reputation in the industry by creating groundbreaking and designs that challenge conventional norms in fashion. Starting his journey with a sewing class at the age of ten, Asher’s career trajectory skyrocketed after moving to New York in 2006 and immersing himself in the city’s vibrant nightlife and fashion scene. His designs, often inspired by biomorphic and anatomical themes, blend luxurious, otherworldly structures with practical functionality, utilizing advanced techniques in 3D material sciences and embedded technology integration. As a leading figure in future-forward fashion, Asher’s work not only defines trends but also shapes the narrative of what fashion will become.