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Photography :Victor Jeffreys @VictorJeffreysii

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Asher Levine’s debut women’s line brings his mad­scientist­meets­luxe aesthetic and cutting­edge body­scanning technology into an intimate setting reminiscent of the original Paris shows of the 1930s. Guest like Whoopi Goldberg​, Hamish Bowles,​ Amy Fine Collins,​ Dr. Lisa Airan​, Faith Popcorn ​and Mia Michaels were a few of the exclusive attendees to see Asher Levine’s newest collection, featuring draped boiled wools, molded leather scales and accessories, exotic furs, and laser­cut crepe silks in chimeric patterns that encompass Levine’s perspective on fashion. “I design with the Modern Muse in mind,” Levine explains. “..exuding confidence, sophistication, power, and glamour…beyond femininity or masculinity, it is modernity with the human in mind.” Levine’s models and muses range from fashionistas, industry leaders, to transgender icons. Body­scanning was held downstairs to extract guest measurements, as most of Levine’s work focuses on made­to­measure and local manufacturing. Asher Levine is known for incorporating technology within clothing, but this is the first time he enhances the manufacturing process with intelligent optical measurement software. Asher began sewing clothing at the age of 10. He moved to New York in 2006, experimenting with design in the underground avant­garde nightlife scene. In 2009, Asher launched his namesake progressive collection for men and quickly became the go­to­designer from artists like Lady Gaga, The Black Eyed Peas, and Jim Steinman amongst many others. His uptown studio is heralded for its inventive techniques and in­house design philosophy.


Hair and Makeup Sponsored by IShimmer Lashes @iShimmer

Make-up by: Jasen Kaplan @JasenKaplan

Hair by: Joseph DiMaggio @fashionmeetspassion

Atmosphere Photography: Victor Jeffreys @VictorJeffreysii

Lookbook Photography: Zach Hyman @ZachLikeWhoa

Catering by: Serena Bass @SerenaBass23

Production by: Claire Fitzsimmons “Ms. Fitz” @Claire_Fitzsimmons

A/V by: Power Posse Productions @PowerPosseProductions

Guest Relations by: Jennifer Cheng @ItsJenCheng

Live Piano by: Brett Williams @BrettWilliamsKeys